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"The service is great, just yesterday there was a accident on 680 south, that I was able to avoid. Thanks to the cell phone alerts."

Arturo Bautista


"I think it's great to be able to get real time quotes for my ride. I spend a lot of time in traffic and I enjoy knowing how long I will be spending. I have already signed up for the entire year. I can't wait until I get a new car that includes real time traffic information. That would be the only improvement that I could see over your site"

Jamie DeWispelare


"I love the service. The information helps me select which route home I will take. I have shared my enthusiasm for the site with co-workers, who have also signed up."

Andrea Atkins
Community Bank of the Bay


"The BeatTheTraffic.com personalized service saved one hour on my drive from Burbank to Irvine during the morning rush hour by showing which route would take the least amount of time based upon up-to-date traffic conditions."

Shawn Steiner
Discreet, a division of Autodesk.


"I have been happy with the service; It's a great concept. I do especially like how I can plan with confidence when I will arrive at my destination."

Peter Kerrigan


"The great thing about getting alerts on my cell is that I don't have to be listening to the radio, don't have to listen to reports about lots of places I will never be, and don't have to worry about tuning in on the 8s or the 5s or whenever, when I'd rather be listening to something else. Also, this service seems to be more complete, faster, and more relevant than the 511 service.

Getting alerted so soon is good too - so I am on the alternate route before the rest of the world goes in that direction!

Thanks, BeatTheTraffic.com! I like the traffic map with freeway speeds on the website as well. Wish I had a computer in my car...."

Beverly Alexander
Petaluma, CA


"I signed up for BeatTheTraffic.com the day my 25-minute commute turned into a 100-minute commute. Since then, I have been able to avoid major traffic bottlenecks and often changed my commute plans at the last minute thanks to your up-to-date traffic info. The text messages have always been short and to-the-point. The time your service saves me is well worth the small fee."

Tom W.
Mountain View, CA


"I spend more than 15 hours a week commuting throughout the Bay Area. Having specialized traffic updates sent to my phone helps me avoid an even longer commute and allows me spend less time on the road."

Sharon P.
Vallejo, CA


"The alerts were really helpful. Especially one on Thursday when I chose completely different route due to the accident on 85N and traffic that appeared out of nowhere."

Alex Gluzman


"The BeatTheTraffic.com alerts provide me with the exact traffic information I want, at the precise time I want it -- unlike those generalized traffic reports one hears on the radio. My 13 mile commute is good most of the time, but can sometimes be a parking lot.

Their service alerts me to those bad moments, so I can either modify my departure time or try a different route. The concise alerts come both to my email and to my pager, so I never miss an alert and get caught in traffic. It's a terrific service!"

Frank Viggiano
Palo Alto, CA


"I have been using BeatTheTraffic.com for about a year. I love it.

Since I have alternative commutes and my schedule is flexible, I have been able to adjust my day to spend the least amount of time on the road, and have become much more productive.

In a split second, just by reading the subject line on my e-mail, I am able to find out about accidents that would otherwise delay me. These are sometimes minor accidents that common traffic reports choose not to talk about.. Additionally, I don't have to be bothered with other accidents outside my commute time frame or in other freeways.

I believe that the cell phone messages that BeatTheTraffic.com also offers are an additional advantage if you are already on the road.

You may contact me at the e-mail address below if you have additional questions."

Sonia Appel
San Jose, CA


"Each morning and evening I have two paths to choose between for my commute to and from work. I find the traffic reports sent to me by BeatTheTraffic.com useful in helping me decide which route will be the better choice at any given time."

Elizabeth Smith
Foster City, CA

Beat The Traffic would like to thank you all for helping us make you more productive!