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Beat the Traffic's Privacy Policy

At BeatTheTraffic we take your privacy very seriously.

The present document gives details about our privacy policy as well as our other practices. We also encourage visitors to consult important information about safe surfing from the Federal Trade Commission. Click here for this information.

We do not hold any credit card or financial information on this Internet site.

If you are interested in our personalized traffic alerts service, we kindly request an e-mail address, without which service is impossible. Optionally, you may provide the telephone number of your wireless device. All this information is duly password-protected. For your protection, we do enforce the selection of uncommon passwords when you set up a profile with us.

Your e-mail will be used to forward information important to establishing and continuing your service. If you decide to subscribe to our paying service (or during a free trial), you may receive traffic, transit and weather-related alerts through this e-mail address. Your telephone number, optionally specified by you, will be converted into an appropriate email address used for sending traffic-related text messages, if you decide to receive such messages.

It is not our intention nor interest to re-sell or otherwise provide your email address and/or telephone number to any third party.

We will be happy to remove you completely from the system if you forward a simple request by e-mail to this address. All your information, including your e-mail address and (optionally) telephone number will be completely removed from our servers, and you will receive no further messages.

In conjunction with the personalized MyTraffic service, requires cookies for maintaining an active connection with an individual or for automatically identifying an individual who has visited this site or previously accessed particular content. The cookie contains no other information.

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