About Beat the Traffic

What's Beat the Traffic?

Beat the Traffic is a service that lets you know about all the traffic conditions in your area, in real time. With Beat the Traffic you get to create your own personalized routes and see traffic speeds, incidents, cameras, even weather along the exact routes you plan to drive. Better yet, if there's any change of conditions while you're on the road, we'll notify you so you don't get stuck. That's what we're all about: helping you spend less time stuck in traffic, more time moving on with your life.

Making your commute less painful since 2001

It all started with some frustration sitting in the SF Bay Area's gridlock. It took one engineer, Andre Gueziec, to start experimenting with public traffic data in real time. There was born sfbaytraffic.info, our first product, and one of the first websites ever to provide live traffic information. Sfbytraffic.info rapidly turned into BeatTheTraffic.com and expanded to the rest of the country. Today millions of people use Beat the Traffic make their daily commute more enjoyable.

Some metrics... because we're data geeks, and we just couldn't resist

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